Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Kids

It may only be October, but Christmas is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it! So it’s most certainly time to get organised (if you’re not already), make a list, check it twice, and order your Christmas gifts online.

It can sometimes seem to be much easier to purchase gifts for babies, toddlers, and younger kids than it is for older children. Older kids can be harder to please, and with so many of them now so tech-savvy, it can seem difficult to get them off their devices…

Here at New Dimension Oz, we are delighted to offer a vast array of gifts and novelties that older kids (upper primary school) will love – without a device in sight! Here are some of our top Christmas gift ideas for older kids. They are fun, educational, and guaranteed to be appreciated.

  1. Magnetic Board Human Body Puzzle.

Budding doctors, nurses, and scientists will love this human body puzzle which is assembled on its magnetic board. It also has name tags assigned to each individual body part. What better way to learn human anatomy?

  1. Liquid Twist Oil Drip Timer.

We’re all fascinated by visual effects and this Twist Oil Drip Timer is a decorative and fun addition to any bedroom or desk. Available in a range of colours, it has two rolling wheels and a central twist – it will mesmerise viewers and is very calming to watch.

  1. Wild Life Stamps.

Crafty kids will be thrilled to receive this set of four wildlife stamps. Perfect for scrapbooking, card making, and general craft, these high quality soft rubber stamps include stamping ink in a sealed container. The set includes a cute lion, crocodile, elephant and hippo – which can all be coloured in if desired.

  1. Euler’s Disc

Something very special, a Euler’s Disc is a scientific educational toy which incorporates the dynamics of a spinning disc on a flat surface. Paradoxically, it seemingly speeds up as the disc loses energy. Our Euler’s Disc is patented, 8.75cm in diameter, and is crafted from chrome-plated steel. It creates a hypnotic effect with light and sound as it rotates. The kit includes the Euler’s Disc, concave mirror base, and nine pieces of holographic, magnetised foil for various visual effects.

  1. Ein-O-Science Kits

We have an outstanding range of Ein-O-Science Kits which are fantastic, fun, hands-on and educational for kids aged 8 years and above. Choose between:

  • Green Energy Hydropower (build a water wheel and turbine)
  • Wind Power (build a wind speedometer and windsock)
  • Solar Energy (build a solar furnace and set up a sun boiler)
  • Geothermal Energy (build a steam boiler and geo heater)
  • Electric Science – Electromagnet
  • Electronic Devices – Rain Detector
  • Electronic Devices – Morse Code
  • Electric Devices – Electronic Sound
  • Electric Devices – Electric Buzzer
  • Electric Devices – Burglar Alarm
  • Electric Devices – Electric Motor
  • Essential Chemistry – Colour Mixer
  • Essential Chemistry – Acid and Base
  • Mighty Motors – Fire Blazer
  • Eco-Recycling – Smart Box
  • Human Biology – Skull and Skeleton

Order your Christmas gifts for kids of all ages from New Dimension Oz today!

Come back next month as we showcase some great ideas for stocking fillers and other small gifts…